What Is The Main Difference Between HVAC And Air Conditioning?

What Is The Main Difference Between HVAC And Air Conditioning?

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Dealing with air conditioning problems can be frustrating. This is especially true if you aren’t entirely familiar with the jargon associated with it. Below, we will be going over the primary difference (if any) between HVAC and air conditioning.

Difference Between HVAC Systems and Air Conditioning:

  1. One Is A Complete Heating and Cooling System.
  2. One Is Just A Cooling System.

HVAC System

There are various types of HVAC systems on the market. An HVAC system is short for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Because of this, it is a complete heating and cooling system that is installed in your home that regulates the temperature.

Air Conditioning

An AC unit or Air Conditioning unit refers only to the cooling portion. This system is incapable of heating your home. This is typically for those that live in climates where heating isn’t necessary. There are plenty of different types of air conditioning systems that you can choose from including portable units, ductless units, central air conditioning units, and even window units. All of these are meant to cool your home.

Types Of Air Conditioners

  1. Window Units.

These are some of the more popular units that are much less costly than some of the other options in the marketplace. Window units are very good for those that have apartments or smaller spaces in need of cooling. You simply install these units on windows and they are able to cool your living space very efficiently. As mentioned, they are going to be best for those looking to cool smaller spaces like apartments, studios, or single rooms.

2. Portable Units.

Likewise, these units are also affordable and they are meant to cool single rooms. However, because they can be easily moved around, you will be able to move them from room to room as needed.

3. Mini Split Systems.

These units work very similar to central air conditioning systems with the exception of not having ductwork. Because of this, they can be much more aesthetically pleasing and don’t require extensive or expensive installation.

4. Central Air Conditioning.

This is primarily for those that have larger homes and who want to have the entirety of their home cooled properly. These systems are very expensive in comparison with some of the other options and they require an extensive installation because the systems have both an indoor and outdoor component. However, they are going to deliver the most consistent and the best results possible because they will offer room by room ductwork which can keep each room at a consistent temperature through better regulation. These systems last a long time which means it is primarily a one-time investment for a homeowner. However, the system does require yearly maintenance.

As you can see, the difference between the two is very clear. One system is meant to regulate the temperature of your home by both heating and cooling it. The other is meant to simply cool your home in the warmer months. Because of this, you will want to consider getting the system that offers you the most optimal performance for your use-case.

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